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Switching Accounts

Nov. 6th, 2006 | 01:50 pm

I finished filling out the profile in my new LJ account. I am switching over to it now and will no longer be blogging in this account. Add me:


If anyone has used an LJ archiver of some sort, let me know. I'd like to keep a copy of this journal.

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Nov. 6th, 2006 | 11:23 am

Not sure if Borat is right for you? You can see the first 4 minutes of the film and some deleted scenes compliments of YouTube:


The dog pound is hilarious.

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Election Mock

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 04:08 pm

I had totally not seen this until now, but I love it. I want one.

Jon's response to the shirts:

Where you can buy one:

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Show Me A Smile

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 12:07 pm

I've started to download and watch Ugly Betty. I like it. It is funny and the storyline is good. I could do without the murder scandal personally, as it doesn't go along with the spirit of the show. The jealous person trying to oust the son from his position at work is enough drama to keep it going for a while. Tossing both together is just too much. Other than that, I like the dynamic of what Betty is going through. It isn't too over-the-top.

The new episode of Weeds should be ready to watch. I haven't liked the tone that show is turning to though. It has gotten very messy very quickly and has taken a toll on the chipper comedy that I loved in the first season.

Nip/Tuck is as captivating as always. The last episode was touching when Groberman died. I can't wait to watch the next one. It should be waiting for me now also.

Desperate Housewives is about the only show I intentionally watch on television anymore. It has been over-the-top for a while now, but I still like the writing and the characters. The storyline doesn't go in circles like Grey's Anatomy, which I almost always watch, but gets stale easily.

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You Have The Power

Nov. 2nd, 2006 | 08:37 am

One of my two best friends from Valdez wins the award for funniest Halloween costume I've seen this year. It is just too perfect.


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Nov. 1st, 2006 | 07:15 pm

The featured MySpace video is pretty sweet.


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Standing Up Never Felt So Good

Nov. 1st, 2006 | 07:07 pm

Today, Laura's mother went to the beach for a few days, and Laura and Jim went to work. I had the house to myself and got a lot of work done.

Yesterday, I worked on my PDF portfolio all day and got the first part done, which is the part that goes out with my job applications. The second part will be the print part for in-interview viewing. Today I put it to use.

I applied for four more jobs, one being federal, one county, one in-house, and one design firm. In addition to those, I followed up on my other resume submissions with the portfolio and an inquiry on the status of the job opening.

When that was out of the way, I went ahead and created all of my online profiles across the various design organizations and design job engines. Those will be less likely to solicit a full-time job as they will freelance work.

One of my professors told me I shouldn't even get a job, but I should just freelance. I am covered by Laura's state health and dental, so if I handled enough clients and contract jobs from design firms, I could make a pretty decent payroll. The only downside to that idea is office space. I have too many distractions at the house here.

Tomorrow I have to physically drop off one of my applications. I'll do that on the way home from the Family History Center. I have been wanting to get back there and do some more genealogy, but I've been too busy with jumping through hoops for job appplications.

I feel liberated right now, though my back hurts from sitting in a chair 12 hours a day.

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Snuggle With Disease

Oct. 29th, 2006 | 10:20 am

So, we are doing a gift exchange for the adult in Laura's family this year. I have her cousin-in-law, who is a CSI. She is also a person who buys a tons of books and movies on her own, so I don't feel like getting something she would otherwise buy herself.

I think I have found a great gift though. ThinkGeek has these plush microbes right now. They are only $6 each, so I could get a dozen of them for a decent price. These are the ones I especially like.

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You can see them all here:

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Oct. 29th, 2006 | 10:10 am

Stolen from cuteoverload

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Oct. 27th, 2006 | 12:06 am

My father gave me a new scanner. Today I went back to re-archive some of my old high school artwork. I scanned it all in 2000, but hardware has come a long way since then. The mid-tones on the old scans were too washed out.

Here is a multimedium piece I did somehwere around 1999. It is watercolor, charcoal, pencil, and colored pencil.

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